A team of link builders from 2 high-class specialists and staff in the office. The main specialization is a reference to the west, experience 5+ years. We also make a reference for the CIS – 3+ year experience. We are in the TOP-3 sellers of our niche in Quark (Top freelance exchange in Runet). About 10 regular customers every month. We do internal and external optimization of the link profile and the site as a whole. We carry out work on the monetization of sites.

We have about ten paid programs for professional work on website promotion and optimization, without which you will not be able to fully get out in the TOP and take a leading position.

The right people at the right workplaces

Each of us is a specialist in his field. He knows what he does, he knows how to do it, and he does it better than the rest.

Sergey Kolesnik
Sergey KolesnikCreative Director, SEO Specialist
Sergey is co-founder of KingArturLinks. Purposeful person who is ready to work all the way and achieve a result.
He always finds a common language with people, has no bad habits.
Communicating polite and considerate. Will never be rude and ignore you.
It will help to build and implement a link promotion plan with tight deadlines and a reasonable budget.
Working biography of Sergey:
2 years as a copywriter
3 years as a top manager
5 years of work in website promotion.
Arthur Efremov
Arthur EfremovDirector of Quality, SEO Specialist
Arthur is co-founder of KingArturLinks. Feels good from afar.
Uses and improves perfected algorithms, also likes non-standard methods of promotion.
Achieves the desired result, even if it is very difficult.
Arthur’s working biography:
4 years of work in link building
1 year SEO specialist.
Evgeny Dubinsky
Evgeny DubinskyHead of Human Resources, Project Manager
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Specialists who are versed in the promotion of sites and their optimization. Since 2014, we have been improving ourselves to achieve results.

We are updating the link base that we built ourselves, where donors have good weight and excellent parameters.

A dedicated team that goes all the way and doesn’t leave the client halfway.

Specialists who in case of a problem or force majeure situations will always find the right way out with the result for the client.

During our work, not a single site with which we worked comprehensively fell under the filter.


Safety – at a time when competitors are drinking sedatives when a new Google update or Yandex filter is released, we analyze the situation and continue to work. Our methods are white and eternal due to maximum naturalness. Acting according to our plan – the result is inevitable.

The result – we believe that the main thing in link building is not a process, but the achievement of goals. Our clients:

They go to income in 5-digit amounts of $, from one affiliate site.

Increase the number of applications from organic from 0 to 70 for their product with a check of $ 1000 +

They receive an increase in vital requests, increased brand awareness, and as a result, they become leaders of the local market in a highly competitive niche.

Due to our direct agreements and friendships with many webmasters, they get the desired links at a price 3-5 times lower than in the market.

Reasonable prices – we value long-term relationships. We also debugged and daily improve internal business processes. All the bases and techniques used to obtain links are our own best practices. All this gives us the opportunity to work at very pleasant prices, without any extra charges from resellers.

Sergey Kolesnik
Sergey KolesnikSEO specialist
One of the important criteria for link building is growth dynamics. If there is no dynamics, consider it is gone.

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